Today, most people have invested in devices that they could use to carry all of their PDF files around. Others use PDF versions of their reading materials rather than bringing a hard copy of their reading materials. If you want to start creating PDF files or start sorting them out, there is a great online tool that could help you with your PDF needs. Having said that, here are PDFBear tools to cater to your PDF needs. 

PDF to Word Converter

As the name goes, this online conversion tool will let you convert multiple PDFs into editable MS Word documents. Instead of doing the copy and paste process from a file to a new one, this online function will automatically extract any content, making it effortless. To satisfy the PDF to a Word conversion needs of all the users, PDFBear has collaborated with Solid Documents to offer the best conversion process with excellent quality output.

Users will only have to drag or upload their files, and PDFBear will do the rest for them. If you are still wondering how the PDF to Word online free tool works? Below are the steps that you need to follow:

  1. Choose the files that you wish to convert and upload them. You can also perform the drag and drop process.
  2. This conversion tool will begin to extract the information or scan the file pages from a PDF.
  3. It usually takes a few seconds, wait for the process to be done.
  4. After the first three steps, the newly converted document is ready for the users to save and download.

Compress PDF

Suppose you had used similar tools in the past before and noticed that the outcome’s quality is not as good as it used to be. If that happened to you before, PDFbear’s compress pdf tool could prevent that from happening again. With PDFBear, it will be easier for users to compress large PDF files without compromising the file’s quality. 

PDFBear’s compressor can quickly decrease the size of your files in an instant. It is an excellent and reliable tool that you can use. You don’t have to worry about spending any money on compressing your PDF files since you can use all of the tools in PDFBear for free. To start compressing your PDF files, here are the simple steps you can do:

First, choose all the PDF files that you want to compress. Then, select the necessary options for PDF files. Once you’ve selected all the options, press Combine and PDFBear will start its process. After the procedure is done, you can now download your new and compress PDF file to your storage device. 

PDF to Excel

If you’re looking for a safe and secure way to convert your PDF files to Excel formats, we highly recommend using PDFBear’s PDF to Excel tool. The process for converting your PDF files is quick, and it doesn’t affect the quality of the file. 

To start converting your PDF file, upload the document that you want to convert. Within minutes, the converter will begin its process of converting your file to Excel. When that’s done, you can download the new Excel file. 

Add Watermark

Using this PDFBear function will be a lot easier to add any watermark superimposed to your PDF file. You can choose between numerous ways on how to add the watermarks that you like to your document. Besides that, PDFBear doesn’t only offer to add watermarks to your documents because it can also convert, compress, split, unlock, protect, or even repair your PDFs. In addition to that, you can always visit the website of PDFBear and check any useful functions for you.

Place text or images as the watermark in your PDF in seconds. Users are also allowed to customize the transparency and typography of the watermarks if they want. To perform the process, here are the steps that you should follow:

  1. Choose the PDF document that you need to add the watermark and upload it.
  2. Choose the image or place the text as your watermark.
  3. Decide on where you will place the watermark of your choice.
  4. After you apply the changes, you can download the newly edited document to your computer.


Using a reliable tool can help you accomplish many of your tasks in no time. Knowing those reliable tools are the first step in completing the tasks. What’s great about this platform is that it can be operated with ease, even if you don’t have any background about how to handle PDF files.

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