Diesel is a well-known and popular Italian clothing brand. Other than manufacturing clothes, shoes, and accessories,  they are also known in the watch-making industry. Diesel and Fossil work hand in hand to produce some of the most affordable and amazing watches.

Fossil makes diesel watches. Fossil is a notable watch manufacturer. It uses a highly reliable and precise quartz mechanism in its watches which makes it affordable since it has low maintenance. Having said that, the quality of their watches is still indisputable. Here is a list of Diesel watches to choose from:  

The Diesel’s Little Daddy Black Leather Chronograph

This Diesel Watch is a bang for the buck when it comes to its price range. You can quickly tell that this one has a futuristic yet classic design that fits most occasions. The Diesel Little Daddy men’s black leather chronograph watch has a price range between $ 150 to $ 200 which is really affordable compared to the others.

You can buy a unique watch that offers stainless steel material and water resistance about 30 feet deep with a leather strap that provides complete comfort to anyone who considers purchasing this watch. So, you can never go wrong with this one.

The Diesel’s Double Down Black Silicone 

This Diesel style and set are perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly timepiece. It has a sleek and trendy look that anyone can quickly incorporate into their style, despite its low price. This particular timepiece gives a vibe of perfection. You can really feel that it was made to fit perfectly on your wrist. 

The Double Down Black Silicone Watch Of Diesel is a cutting-edge watch with index marks at the two, three, and four o’clock positions. The prominent big numerals further enhance the watch’s sleek and unique appearance. Some say that it displays wear and tear very quickly, but if you take good care of it like most things, then it will surely last.

The back of the hood has a purpose. It complements the main navigation pattern of the company’s watch and all its parts. At the same time, the charm of the realistic glow on the watch face provides a slight movement that reverses what can be taken as a solid and rather than a boring journey. The watch may look plain, but the brighter side is, it’s reasonably affordable.

The Diesel’s Mega Chief Champagne Dial Chronograph 

This would be the cheapest and most affordable of all the watches we have on the list, with a price range of around $ 90 to $150! A price point you can’t arguably say no to. This timepiece provides comfort to whoever is wearing them. It has a slick and luxurious design with a price that’s very affordable.

There are a lot of reasons as to why this watch is worth it. The features offer a water-resistant touch of gold coating stainless steel with an eye-catching luxurious color combination. It can go under up to 100 meters which is really exciting for water sports activities.

The Mega Chief Champagne Dial Chronograph can be used in any setting. It is suitable for daily use that will surely elevate your fashion statement. Go and grab one now!

The Diesel’s Mega Chief Gunmetal

The Mega Chief Gunmetal Diesel Watch is a well-documented example of the company’s commitment to both performance and high-tech design. This watch is a great piece designed for strong men’s wrists. 

It has some unique qualities, but the masters ensure that different departments work harmoniously in a practical and authentic sense. This watch is water-resistant up to 90 meters. This allows individuals to set the correct time regardless of the size of the ripple wave.

Gunmetal style is attractive and versatile. In addition, the scratch-resistant mineral shine is almost invisible. The positioning lock is made of aluminum and, therefore, strong and robust in all conditions.


So, there you have it. These are the top list when it comes to cheap and affordable watches produced by Diesel. But, if you want to check more about the different watch models and designs they do offer, feel free to jump and check The Watch Company and start adding Diesel watches to your collections.

There are a variety of other brands to choose from, but finding a watch that suits the budget while still looking trendy can be difficult. With their remarkable shapes and features that manufacturers dreamed up, Diesel watches have many collections and excellent models to cater to.

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