Portable Document Format or PDF is a widely known file format specially crafted by programmers to display the contents of electronic files regardless of the word processor used by the receiver and sender. This is why this file format is one of the most preferred, especially for file transmission. As an added benefit, it also has a relatively smaller file size. 

The disadvantage to a PDF file is that it does not have a modifiable nature. This means that it cannot be easily edited without the use of tools like software. The easiest way to edit your PDF, therefore, is to convert it into a word file. A word file is the file format generated by word processors. In this article, we will be introducing a platform to help you convert PDF to word. 

PDFBear: What is this platform?

PDFBear is an online platform that specializes in everything that involves PDF. It has a conversion tool that allows converting not just PDF to Doc but also other file formats. It is a great alternative to software which is expensive and out of most people’s budget. Aside from it not being costly, it also saves your device’s storage capacity as it does not need installation. 

How to convert your Word to Doc with the use of PDFBear?

The steps to conversion are very easy. You only have to perform a few clicks, and the website will do everything for you. You have to upload your file on the server by dragging it on the conversion box or clicking the select file button and choosing from your device. Afterward, the converter will scan and extract the document and then convert it. 

The conversion process is guaranteed not to take too much of your time. Hence, you only have to wait for two to three minutes before the conversion process is finished. It is easy to tell that the process is already done. You will be brought to a download page where you are free to secure a copy of the word version of your PDF file. You may also send it via email.

Outstanding Technology 

PDFBear is nowhere near mediocre. It ensures to give only the best to its users. Its conversion technology is one of the best on the internet, comparable to the most expensive software. The PDFBear creators partnered with the Solid Documents team known to have the best tools for conversion. This is why the preservation quality of the website is superb. 

Hassle-free and Simple Website layout 

If you are new to a website, you cannot help but feel intimidated and confused, especially when you are bombarded with complicated buttons and hyperlinks. Fortunately, you are not going to experience any of that with PDFBear. The creators ensure that the website is designed to cater to the most non-tech-savvy person so anyone can easily navigate the site. 

Speedy PDF to Word Conversion 

One distinct feature about PDFBear is that it does not take too much of its users’ time. They understand the plights of their audience. Most who visit the site are students or corporate employees who have deadlines due in the next ten minutes or have tons of things to do than wait. Hence, the PDFBear team ensures that the conversion will only take a short while. 

Works compatible on different platforms 

PDFBear is guaranteed to work across different platforms. The creators made sure to test it across diverse platforms, starting from devices and operating systems to web browsers. Obsolete or not, non-mainstream or not, Compatibility is not a problem. Hence, there is no need to worry if your laptop is old or you are just using your phone for the process. 

Internet Connection is the only necessity 

PDFBear is a great alternative to software. But in some cases, it is even better. For instance, PDFBear does not require its users to undergo a tedious process of installation and update, which can take up too much of your space and potentially slow down the device. The only thing needed is an internet connection since everything is done online through cloud storage. 

Privacy Rights Violation will never be a problem 

If you are always on the internet, you probably know about issues on privacy rights violations arising. This is a risk that comes with easy access to information. You are not vulnerable to this risk if you are careful with your data. Hence, PDFBear ensures that the uploaded files on their server will be protected. It will even be deleted an hour after the process. 


PDF File is a great innovation from the computer programmer. It is helpful, especially for transmission, because of its ability to keep the elements and format intact. Hence, if you do not know better, the risk that comes with its non-modifiable nature can get disappointing. Thankfully, PDFBear is here to help you. With its conversion tool, you are in good hands.

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