Drafting a good Excel spreadsheet is important. What’s more important is to convert that Excel spreadsheet into a PDF document. By converting a Microsoft Excel file into a PDF file, you can easily use the benefits that a PDF format can bring to your Excel spreadsheet.

With this fact, you can easily convert and turn any Microsoft Excel file on your computer into PDF using GoGoPDF. Converting Excel spreadsheets into PDF format is now possible online with the help of GoGoPDF. It’s simple, straightforward, and free! Here are four reasons why you can depend and rely on GoGoPDF for this online PDF conversion:

Only Four Simple Steps Needed

By choosing GoGoPDF on your next XLS to PDF conversion, you’ll be able to see to it that the process is as simple and straightforward as it gets! You’ll only need four steps that are incredibly straightforward and simple to turn any Excel spreadsheet into PDF format! 

You can begin turning any Excel file or spreadsheet into PDF by uploading it into this XLS to PDF conversion box. Once you’ve uploaded the XLS file, GoGoPDF will immediately start turning it into a high-quality PDF document. Moreover, GoGoPDF will be the one to handle the rest of the conversion.

Anyone who’s using this XLS to PDF tool can sit back and relax while turning any Excel file into PDF format. GoGoPDF will be the one that will handle and convert the file into PDF, and it can do so in just a few minutes. After a few minutes, users will be able to download a new PDF document into their computer directly!

Swift, Accurate, and High-Quality!

Best believe that anyone who wants to convert their XLS spreadsheet into PDF can do so in just a few minutes with this Excel to PDF converter. As you already know, GoGoPDF utilizes an incredibly direct and straightforward conversion process. In turn, turning any Excel spreadsheet into PDF shouldn’t take a long time! Turning XLS files into PDF has never been this easy nor swift before!

GoGoPDF will make it a point to convert your Excel files into PDF format with utmost accuracy. All of the formatting and important details from the Excel spreadsheet or file will be seamlessly retained to the greatest extent. All of the data, including numbers, columns, rows, and tables from the original Excel file, will be correctly carried over to the new PDF document.

Converting an XLS spreadsheet into PDF using GoGoPDF won’t come with any unwanted formatting loss. GoGoPDF’s online XLS to PDF tool is more than capable of turning any Excel spreadsheet into PDF accurately. It’s incredibly accurate that you will no longer need to apply further editing to the new PDF file later!

Any Platform You Want

The best part in handling and converting XLS files into PDF online with GoGoPDF is that you can do so using any platform. This PDF conversion is a web-based service, and the operating system you’re using won’t play a significant role in converting XLS to PDF. You can easily begin converting your Excel spreadsheets into PDF format from any Windows, Mac, or Linux computers!

Users may now convert any Microsoft Excel file into PDF format using any web browser they want. All that you need is to head to GoGoPDF’s website to access this online Excel to PDF converter. Any web browser should be able to access this online-based conversion service. You may do so using browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and many more!

GoGoPDF also provides this XLS to PDF conversion service for mobile platforms. Anyone who’s on their iPhone or Android phone will be able to seamlessly convert their Excel file into PDF with GoGoPDF. Moreover, users won’t encounter any problems upon using GoGoPDF to turn their Excel spreadsheets into PDF on iOS or Android.

Perfectly Safe & Secure

GoGoPDF understands that some of its users may be susceptible to worrying about uploading their files online. There’s no need to worry as GoGoPDF operates on a secure and protected online connection. Moreover, all files uploaded to its server will automatically be removed and deleted after an hour!


If you want to use an XLS to PDF converter that’s easy to use, then GoGoPDF is the perfect tool for the task. GoGoPDF expertly and accurately converts any Microsoft Excel spreadsheets into PDF. All you need to turn your spreadsheets into PDF format is a few clicks using this online XLS to PDF tool!

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