These days, almost everyone in the world is using digital and online platforms. People are using services, such as Powerpoint, Excel, Word, and more to use it for work or educational purposes. In this article, we will talk about all you need to know about Word to PDF conversion.

Reasons for converting files

People need to convert files from Word to PDF because these documents could be files that the owner wishes to share with other people but don’t want them to modify or edit the file. Other people just want to make it convenient for them to keep their devices as PDFs are easy to hold and access.

PDFs are compatible with any device you use so that you may access them anywhere, anytime, even without an internet connection. Users may even include a password-protect so that other unauthorized people will not be able to access them. 

PDFs are usually files that don’t hold viruses more than other file formats, so you won’t have to worry much about viruses infecting your devices. Lastly, if you convert your files to PDF, the file will optimize and have a smaller size without compromising its quality, so you may be able to combine multiple documents into one single PDF.

Where to convert Word to PDF?

As there are so many means or platforms to use as your conversion, it will confuse users on which ones are trustworthy and safe. Even when you just look for it in your search engine, thousands of thousands of results for file conversions will appear. If you think they are all the same, then you are wrong.

Some file converters will appear safe but will only steal your document’s content and personal information. You don’t want to happen as it will compromise you and your organization’s privacy. An excellent PDF converter that will be safe and free to all users is GogoPDF. 

Why GogoPDF?

Out of the few trustworthy PDF converters on the internet, GogoPDF is one of the most reliable and quick converters. Since it’s a new converter website, they allow their users to use their services for free and without registering an account. 

When they open their subscription to everyone, users may still avail themselves of the complimentary services if they want to. GogoPDF offers services for Word to PDF conversion and will make the process easy and quick!

Other than the Word to PDF converter, they also offer additional services, such as Merge PDF, Protect PDF, Repair PDF, eSign PDF, and so much more! These are features that people can take advantage of and enjoy. 

How to convert files through GogoPDF

Converting your Word documents to PDFs isn’t as complicated as you think it is; it only takes four easy-to-execute steps. Before you start converting, you need to head to their website and look for the specific tool you are looking for: Word to PDF. Once you reach the device, you will see everything you need to see.

A toolbox will appear right on your screen, along with the four easy instructions for all users to follow. These four easy steps are to look for the specific document from your device or computer that you wish to convert to PDF and click or drag it into the space provided.

Once you do that, GogoPDF will begin to operate and do the process of conversion for you! You only have to wait for the conversion to be over, and you’re all set to download or save the converted file back into your device or computer. You may also opt to send and share it with your friends, co-workers, employer, or classmates.

Special Features

Aside from its quick and convenient platform, GogoPDF holds many features that can be useful to users. You may access their website from any device or browser, as long as you have an internet connection. It won’t matter if you are accessing it from your computer or your mobile devices!

Your files will be secured on their website, as GogoPDF has their client’s privacy a top priority. They will never share your files without your consent and will be deleted from their database if you forgot to remove them yourself. You may read more about their Privacy Policy on their website if you wish to know for more.


Users nowadays don’t have to worry about conversions; users can easily access the services GogoPDF provides. Back then, people had to rely on professionals to convert their files, and it would cost them a fortune if they have multiple documents to convert or have the constant need to convert files.

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