Oakman Aerospace, a Littleton, which is a Colorado company famous for digital engineering as well as spacecraft production, has been acquired by Redwire. Transaction terms were not reported. The January 19 transaction revealed is the latest indication that Redwire continues to advance quickly to build a multi-faceted space business. In a statement, Peter Cannito, who serves as the Redwire Chairman and Chief executive officer, stated, “Oakman Aerospace brings a critical competence in the digital engineering which will significantly improve our space infrastructure strategies.”  “Their modular open applications design and production approach to architecture, as well as a proprietary industrial off-the-shelf software package, changes the way future space technologies are being built are designed, produced, installed, and managed.”

With the purchases of Deep Space Systems as well as Adcole Space, AE Industrial Partners established Redwire in 2020 June. Ever since, Made In Space, Loadpath, Roccor, and now Oakman Aerospace has been bought by Redwire. In a statement, Maureen O’Brien, co-founder and Chief executive of Oakman Aerospace, said, “Being part of the Redwire Company advances our competitive vision to reach the next rate of development and broaden our technical development.” “We are looking forward to utilizing these expanded resources to improve our capabilities as well as provide our customers with new services and products.” Oakman Aerospace was formed in the year 2012 to build architectures for space vehicles, design, and production of spacecraft and mission payload as well as services for data distribution.”

“This is an incredible opportunity to support an experienced workforce that’s also creating state-of-the-art space technology as well as hardware technologies that, coupled with our leading skills in the digital engineering, will broaden our capacity supply our consumers with world-class programs for many coming years,” Stanley Kennedy, Jr., who is the co-founder, president as well as chief systems engineer of the Oakman Aerospace, stated in a statement. “As a supplier of revolutionary space-based innovations, we are excited to support Redwire as well as boost our competitiveness.”

In a release, Oakman Aerospace “offers deep digital engineering capabilities as well as a unique set of technologies that will increase the technology range of Redwire and allow the entity to support a wider variety of customer projects,” Kirk Konert, partner of AE Industrial Partners, stated. For the space economy of the next decade, Redwire is a modern pioneer in mission-essential space solutions as well as high-efficiency products. Redwire is ideally placed to support its clients in addressing the dynamic problems of upcoming space missions, with years of flight heritage paired with the commercial space platform’s flexible and creative ethos.


By Adam