ALYI‘s business model is based around the concept of building a continuous framework of innovation in electric vehicles. ALYI does not bet its equity capital on a single excellent electric car intended to catch the imagination of customers today, unlike the vast number of electric vehicle rivals. To constantly define consumer demands, grab the latest available technologies, target new innovations, and incorporate all of these into the next, the next as well as the next revolutionary product of the electric cars, ALYI is introducing an electric mobility ecosystem.

In collaboration with a brand title racing company, ALYI hosts an annual electric car race to recruit industry-leading talent and have a platform to prove their inventions. The yearly race event will be held at the same time as the symposium as well as the expo on electric mobility. Although most electric vehicle firms approach established economic markets where their vehicles will have to replace current rivals powered by combustion engines, ALYI focuses on Africa, where low per capita concentration in transport offers the potential to implement first-time options, not substitutes, for transport.

Yes, we began with an electric motorcycle in order to prime the environment for electric mobility. The ALYI design group has introduced two new directions for electric motorcycles’ design since the initial pilot motorcycle. First, the firm will manufacture an electric motorcycle centered on the BMW R71 replica with a streamlined futuristic theme ( that includes a conversion package to electrify its own BMW R71 or even R71 replica for do-it-yourselfers. The second concept direction of ALYI contributes to the immediate development of an electric motorcycle to directly help the evolution of the African motorcycle taxi market with an Uber and Lyft style transportation solution.

The design team of ALYI has now initiated a third production process to build a paradigm-changing, advanced electric motorcycle. The third architecture direction would, in turn, be built into the ecology of electric mobility. The success made by ALYI in 2020 has placed the organization in a good position to create 2021, the breakout year. For its electric bikes, ALYI has current orders and the chance to raise orders by 1000 percent, if not even more. In Africa, demand is strong. ALYI has manufacturing partners in Africa that are able to assemble electric motorcycles for ALYI. To facilitate the yearly event, the electric car race alliance has started venue selection and engineering.

The predicted breakout in 2021 would be caused by ALYI’s funding partner completing its investment pledge of $100 million. RevoltTOKEN, ALYI’s investment partner, has already provided crucial funds to progress the business strategy of ALYI to its current level. By launching a dedicated cryptocurrency providing holder’s membership in the ecosystem, RevoltTOKEN aims to revolutionize ALYI electric vehicle ecosystem. The group, RevoltTOKEN, intends to sell RevoltTOKENs, a cryptocurrency, via Initial Coin Offering (ICO).

By Adam