Sungrow is the global leader of the solar inverter solutions, as well as announced recently that it had surpassed 10 gigawatts (GW) of combined inverter shipments in the Americas by the end of the year 2020. The firm emphasizes that this demonstrates “its critical importance game-changer for sustainable power around the area at large.” Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Mexico, and the United States are the main markets for the firm in the Americas. Even more importantly, last year and in North America, the firm installed a massive 5 GW of solar PV inverters. Sungrow also exceeded cumulative exports exceeding 7 GW in India in 2020.

It deployed over 3 GW of them in 2020 alone, close to the story in the Americas. In addition, in mid-2020, it had above 120 GW deployed globally. Of course, with 10 GW of aggregate solar PV inverters in the Americas, 7 GW in India, as well as 120 GW worldwide, it is evident that Sungrow has a massive capacity factor in its native country of China, where it allegedly holds a 40 percent market share. Worldwide, it has a 15 percent market share. In addition, the company’s scope enabled it last year to cross 120 GW of combined installed power. In over 120 nations, it has inverters installed.

Cao Renxian, who works at the Hefei University of Technology as a professor from the year 1993 to 1998, formed the corporation in 1997. “Sungrow unveiled the largest global inverter facility in 2019, and once operating at full capacity, the worldwide annual production will hit 50 GW, such as India’s 3 GW facilities.” Sungrow notes, ‘Notably, Sungrow is the sole inverter supplier rated by BNEF’ 100 percent bankable’ for two consecutive years. “The Company displays a comprehensive performance-proven record for ventures its powers.” Sungrow has launched an outdoor central inverter system with 3.6 MW in 2020. The firm highlights can be used successfully with the solar plus storage power stations as it incorporates “DC-coupled storage solutions inputs.

The corporation also mentions that it “has a huge R&D working group to reach the limits of creativity and create the sector’s most intuitive as well as pragmatic items.” In particular, it reports having “the largest committed R&D team in the whole solar inverter sector. About 1600 staff is part of the R&D team. Sungrow also outlined a pair of big projects with that kind of 10 GW official statements: the 200 MW Wright Solar plant in the Central Valley of California as well as a 400 MW solar plant in Brazil that’ll go up this year. The previous comprised Sungrow’s “MV transformer, a 2.5 MW central inverter and LV auxiliary power in the 20-ft container.” The above would require a Sungrow central inverter solution, which has 3.125 MW. Sungrow targets the industrial and residential solar PV sectors, in addition to the utility-scale products. It also offers a wide variety of turnkey energy storage systems and floating solar PV systems and its comprehensive PV inverter solutions.

By Adam