Europe intends to introduce tougher environmental regulations for battery developers as it starts the economic alignment that will accelerate the uptake of electric vehicles and the transition to clean energy. The EU is preparing to impose global standards for the electric vehicle industry, which will oversee the production and utilization of batteries that operate in green energy in their entire existence. EU’s Environment Commissioner, Virginijus Sinkevicius, stated that their analysis sifts the European Union as the second-largest international market for batteries. He explained that the essence of batteries utilized in the European Union market would escalate, a trend which is forcing the EU to force the sustainability of these batteries to move along with their inception into the market. 

The EU has cashed its support on the Battery Alliance project to rival Asia since it is the only international electric vehicle battery in Europe. The European Union Commission anticipates the battery market value to reach $300 billion in the next five years with a manufacturing potential that meets the needs of the industry. The leading automakers, Germany and France, are forcing the development of the European battery industry. Last year, the European Union authenticated the continuation of a project bringing together seven countries and industry developers like BMW, PSA Group, and BASF. The union invested 3.2 billion euros in this project to make battery production green. 

Moreover, the EU is identifying plausible sources of raw materials to be used to produce electric vehicles. Sinkevicius noted that minimizing hazardous substances and growing the efficiency and durability of the electric vehicle batteries will advance the industry’s development. The new regulations will ensure that the batteries being developed from the 27 member countries of the European Union and those imported are within these regulations. Sinkevicius narrated that the regulations will apply to all the batteries and the technology of the battery developers. 

The expanding electric vehicle industry has prompted the EU to consider these regulations to prevent incubating future tragedies. The EU intends to realize net-zero greenhouse gas emissions in the next three decades by suppressing the emissions from the transportation sector with 90 percent success. Battery developers have discovered that Europe’s electric vehicle market can bring them profits that can revive their operations. Svolt Energy Technology of China stated that it would be partnering with Contemporary Amperex Technology Ltd to develop its battery activities in Norway.

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